How to Setup Online Credit Card Processing for your Website

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Whether you are an individual or a company it’s imperative that you offer your customers the ease and convenience that the competition is offering. When shopping for products online most shoppers prefer companies that offer the option to pay with a credit card. Because of the high demand for this option all small to medium businesses should consider adding this option in to make checking out smoother for the customer.

In order to setup an online credit processing you will need to find a reputable provider. Things that you will want to look at are the rates that they charge to process each payment and feedback from previous clients. By choosing to use a reputable company you will have the ability to guarantee that all payments will be secure and processed efficiently.

You will need to search for a company that you can trust and that has the experience and knowhow to properly take your business to the next level. If you are looking for a reputable Solidtrustpay company that can help show you how to setup online credit card processing for your website you should always check references and read reviews before moving forward. Many companies are choosing Solid trust pay to help walk them through the entire process of how to get started with the credit card processor and the benefits of what it can offer their website. The biggest benefit of being able to offer this method of payment is the convenience that it offers customers and will help to boost sales.

How You Can Easily And Quickly Send Money To India

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There are always times when we need to be able to transfer money from one place in the world to another place.  This can be a result of a number of circumstances that have required you to do such a thing.  When you do need to send money to a different country such as India, there are a few different methods that you can take, some easier and some harder than others.


One of the most well-known ways to transfer money from one place in the world to another is to simply utilize your bank.  If you go to your bank you can do a number of types of fund transfers that involve you transferring money from one financial institution to another.  This can include a wire transfer to another bank, another country, and so on.  To do this, you will be required to supply a great deal of information.  There are also fees that go along with this.


There are many more ways outside of just using your bank that are actually quite easier than this method.  There are companies out there who will allow you to set up an account, and by linking your bank account, easily send money all over the world.  Companies such as Solidtrustpay will work with you so that you can ship money all around the world with little stress.  Companies such as solid trust pay have services that will allow you to send money to India or wherever else you need to send money worldwide.

What You Need To Do If You Hit The Terminated Merchant File

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When companies hear the phrase terminated merchant file they immediately start to worry.  This is due to the fact that if you are a company who accepts sales via credit cards, this can basically cripple the amount of sales you can actually take in on a daily basis.

So what exactly is the terminated merchant file, and how can you get off of it if you get hit with the merchant file?  The terminated merchant file is a list of companies or merchant accounts who have been banned from being accepted by a particular financial institution such as Visa, Mastercard, or others.

In order to get off of the terminated merchant file, you need to go to the company who put you on it in the first place.  The financial institution that put you on the terminated merchant file is the only company who can also take you off of it.  You will need to work with your merchant account provider such as Solidtrustpay to work to get removed from the list.  Getting added or removed from the terminated merchant file can either be quite easy or it could be near impossible depending on the circumstances.  solid trust pay will work with you to help you get a fair shake with the financial institutions so that you are not wrongfully on this particular list. Merchant account providers or operators want you off of that list so you can conduct normal business, but if you get on the list you need to work with them to be removed.

How to Choose the Best E-Wallet Provider

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There are many e-wallet companies on the market; however, not all of them are created equal. It’s important to do your research in order to find the best company in the industry, one like SolidTrustPay that offers low rates and a list of services and benefits tailored to your needs. Here’s a look at how to select the best digital wallet provider for your personal or business account needs.

Find a service that has the ability to send and receive money. While the purpose of most e-wallets is to allow members to send money, or shop online, don’t limit yourself to that feature alone. A full-service digital wallet, such as the one provided by Solid Trust Pay, allows members to receive funds, whether from affiliate programs or friends and family.

Research rates and fees. Start by researching companies such as SolidTrustPay that offer free personal accounts. Other free services should include monthly account maintenance and sending transfers to other members or merchants within the same company. Next, check for low rates on receiving transfers from other people, withdrawing fund, and depositing funds. Compare rates and select a company such as Solid Trust Pay with the best rates.

Look for affiliate programs. Everyone wants to make extra money. Find an e-wallet company that offers a great affiliate program, a way to earn commissions on referrals. For example, Solid Trust Pay has this program.

One of the best companies on the market is SolidTrustPay, they provide e-wallet services as well as direct merchant credit card processing accounts.

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